our story

We are bold, brave and brilliant. We believe in innovative design ideas generated from strong customer relationships. We offer a boutique agency experience with an ambition to take your ideas and turn them into really visual outcomes. We are the one-stop-shop for stand-out design.

Arvo came to being as a celebration of the achievements of our Founder, Cody Heller, in expanding his studio to an international market. Formerly CHDesign Studios, Arvo is a nod to our Australian roots (aussie slang for afternoon, when we designers get most of our work done!).

our founder

Backed with years of design education and a diverse range of experience, Cody is the brains behind the business. Starting with CHDesign Studio, Cody grew the foundation upon which Arvo was raised. 

Cody is passionate for design that is both visually impactful, and functional. He aims to find the perfect balance of both in every project. 

Bachelor of Design in Interior Architecture, UTS
Diploma of Interior Design and Decorations, CATC


where we work

Arvo. services clients all over the world. We are an online-based design firm, working remotely out of one of our two homes: St Louis, USA and Sydney, AUS.


studio jams

We think it's important for our clients to get to know who they're working with, and what better way than to hear what music we are playing in the studio! Get an insight into our daily grind with our office jam lists.